What is an Endodontist?

Most people associate an endodontists with a procedure referred to as “root canal” where the diseased or damaged tissue inside the tooth is removed, cleaned and the remaining space is then filled.

An endodontist is a specialist dentist who has very specific and highly advanced training and know how in treating the diseased and damaged pulp. This also includes the soft inner tissues located inside the teeth. Already qualified dentists who wish to become endodontists need to study a further 2 years, to learn the techniques and procedures required to be able to diagnose and treat dental problems which have their origins inside the teeth. In practice, they perform only endodontic procedures and have extensive experience in this area.

Like all dentists’ their prime objective is to save teeth. However, endodontists are highly trained individuals with the knowledge of how to treat complex cases. In addition they are trained to rescue teeth which are affected by deep decay, or abscessed teeth and also teeth that have been lost in sporting accidents for example.

But there is more endodontists can do. They routinely diagnose and relieve oral and facial pain, they perform surgery when needed, attend to traumatic injuries to teeth and they bleach discolored and stained teeth. Check out what the Endodontists’ at the Moriches Dental Associates can do.

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