Our Technology

Moriches Dental Associates use Digital X-Ray Technology.

The actual process used for digital X-rays is in fact quite similar to “old style” dental X-rays using film: With the modern day digital radiography, the dentist places a sensor into the patient’s mouth which takes the images of the teeth. The rest of the process has very little to do with the dental X-ray technology of the past. The digital sensor which takes the images of your teeth or other specify area of the inside of your mouth is linked and connected to a computer or Laptop, and the dentist can see with amazing clarity the image on the screen.

The most obvious advantage of the new digital X-ray technology is the increased safety of patients, since they are only exposed to a fraction of the radiation received compared to traditional X-rays. In fact, the digital X-ray technology submits 90% less radiation. This makes the use of X-Rays safer than ever before, and that can only be good news for Patients and Dentist.