Teeth Whitening Promotion

Teeth Whitening Promotion


Get Your Smile Back!
Professional Teeth Whitening –  Special Offer
20 July – 20 August 2020


Take advantage of our special “in-office teeth whitening” promotion.
Get a whiter brighter smile all done by your expert dentist at Moriches Dental Associates.

Normal Price $600  – Promo Price $300

Not everyone can have teeth whitening. The condition of your teeth, filling and/or crowns, etc will determine if teeth whitening works for you. Find out! Most people are eligible. Take advantage of our FREE Teeth Whitening Check-Up.

In-office whitening:
Consists of vital whitening and non-vital whitening. In vital whitening a form of hydrogen peroxide gel over teeth for between 30 to 90 min. A light or laser activates the whitening agent and speeds the bleaching process.

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Just give us a call to take advantage of this amazing offer or click on the button to get to our contact page and send us a message asking to send you to validate your special offer so you can redeem it anytime.

We get back to you real quick.